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New Apple 10.7 Alphablended Shadow Pointers , No pixelated edges, suits Windows 7

author alang
author April 4th, 2009

-Totally remade edges (no more pixelated edges, suits Windows 7 nicely now)
-5 schemes, animated
-Easy to install
-Built-in shadow, turn on Vista/Win 7 mouse pointer shadow for extra-cursor-visibility for your eyes
Download [142KB]


Vista OS X Transformation Pack

author alang
author January 28th, 2009

Basically Vista OS X is like Flyakite OS X (well almost) but for Windows Vista. This is an installer which means you check or uncheck things you would like or dislike to install (similar to Flyakite OS X installer).
For those people who are saying, “Is Flyakite OS X compatible with Windows Vista?” or asking [...]


Sticker Post-it

author alang
author August 24th, 2008

Sticker Post-it for Avetunes
Download [255KB]


My Leopard Shell32

author alang
author May 24th, 2008

It was used Flyakite’s shell32.dll and Leopard Icons to make this Leopard version. Also I’ve changed Shell AVIs for Leopard Inspired AVIs Shell made by ~eamon63.
To install it i recomend to use Replacer ( The original Shell32.dll can be found at “Windows/System32/”
Author: DarkFire
English - 48
English - 72
English - 128
Portugues-BR - 48
Portugues-BR - 72
Portugues-BR - [...]


XP Leopard Style Logon

author alang
author April 29th, 2008

Leopard uses the flat grey used in all their Gui apps (not the horizontal stripes) and as those of you working on a Mac also know, the logon thoughtfully displays your name under the MAC OS X text above the input box.
This is a simple and basic mod to meet a small demand. I have [...]


Mac OS Classic Cursors

author alang
author April 22nd, 2008

Classic Mac OS cursors
Author: Nonme85851
Download [5KB]


Leopard -inspired shell animations/AVIs

author alang
author April 6th, 2008

Leopard shell progress animations (AVIs):
160.avi - move file
161.avi - copy file
162.avi - to recycle bin
163.avi - empty recycle bin
164.avi - direct/permanent delete
165.avi - copy file attributes
170.avi - download from the internet
Decided to make one as all i can find on the web are Tigers.
Author: kinsemon
Download [58KB]


Peers - The Missing Search for Firefox

author alang
author March 22nd, 2008

Peers provides realtime search previews for your searchbar like Inquisitor for Safari. It makes your web experience much more comfy.
Search Google or Yahoo while you type. A realtime preview shows up immediately.
Use site-search for, Wikipedia and many more sites: Just select a supported search engine.
Surf on the suggestion way. Click on a suggestion to [...]


CoverSutra Simple

author alang
author March 11th, 2008

Avetunes of CoverSutra for you desktop and windows.
Author: zep3
Download [423KB]


Hud image viewer

author alang
author February 22nd, 2008

Hud image viewer for samurize . Displays images from any folder of your choice,cycle through your images, double click to set image as wallpaper.
You’ll need to configure the plugin and set your imagefolder path before you can use it.
If you have any problems with this please feel free to ask
*Update: Included a readme [...]