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Plexis Windows GUIKit

author alang
author May 30th, 2008

A big than you to Dan (ImprovPastence) for letting port this theme to Windows and once again, another big thank you to Mrrste for his assistance. Hats off to Threed for his original concept.
The Windows GuiKit includes:
* Windowblind with built in shadows and per pixel frame
* Styler Toolbar
* Miranda iChat Skin
* Firefox 2 Skin (There [...]


iLeopard Black VS

author alang
author May 27th, 2008

Inside the pack you’ll find also, skin for the styler and couple of wallpapers!
During my work on this VS, I was realized that XP is pretty much limited in certain fields, because of which some things simply is not possible to make correct! This is especially important for dark themes or dark buttons! So if [...]


Aqua Inspiriat Objectbar

author alang
author March 8th, 2008

Credits & Much Thanks to :
Aqua Inspiriat (Mac OSX Theme) creator, STEFANKA for giving me his permission to release this OB
Crni-OB for his fantastic Objectbar Engine
Author: rippernkind
Download [206KB]



author alang
author February 29th, 2008

Omicron WindowsBlinds Theme for XP
Hello, This is my first project for a theme, It’s been a hard work but it’s finally finished, I always wanted a metalic mac theme and i thought why not do it myself and here’s the result, hope you guys enjoy
The pack contains:
1 WB theme with 2 substyles
2 Styler [...]



author alang
author February 27th, 2008

Hi, I’m so glad to present you my new creation inspirated by Stefankas cerebro for Mac OS X. I call this one AquaSCD.
This is my try to make funny VS with futuristic look and all proper mouseover effects on all clickable elements.
On preview You can see horizontal shellstyle which gives You more flexibility in usage [...]


Ag SiO GUIkit

author alang
author February 18th, 2008

Here at last after much anticipation and hard work, Deskmodders proudly present our first community project: Ag SiO GUIKIT
Ag SiO (the chemical names for silver and onyx) was a skin designed by me (Mrrste) with the combined efforts of some of the best names in skinning, namely iiswiis, allhopeislost, zeolyte and rippernkind.
You get:
Windowblind for XP [...]


ChocoLatte Windows GuiKit

author alang
author February 9th, 2008

GuiKit Includes:
* Windowblind with per pixel shadows/frames.
* Styler Toolbar
* Miranda iChat Skin
* Firefox 2 Theme
The wallpaper to match this theme can be found here
The Windowblind has two styles - Left Handed and Right Handed Glyphs for the Mac-O-Phobes. If you don’t like the apple button, make your own start button.
To use the Firefox [...]


WIN ZEUS osX for Windows (VISTA 32 bit)

author alang
author November 2nd, 2007

Win ZEUS os X is a Mac OSX port for WIndows (VISTA 32 bit version), made by IDAS = ZEUS osX.
To use the ZEUS os X mstyle styles, you must install a Patched uxtheme.dll from
This is a publication of my personal version of aero msstyle i use, still not complete finished.
I am working [...]


Alluvium Magnite Windowblind

author alang
author September 16th, 2007

Alluvium Magnite Metal for Windowblinds. Original theme by Brian Zeitler
The Windows GUIKit includes:

Windowblind with per pixel borders and shadows
Styler toolbar original ported by Sky but updated by me
Firefox 2 theme
Miranda iChat Skin

Developer : iiswiis Filesize : 1.3MB
Download [1.3MB]


Vitae GUI

author alang
author June 10th, 2007

Pack Contains:
Windowblind for XP and Vista - By Me- with LEFT and RIGHT sided glyphs, for a change, and will be the same from now on on my ports
Styler - By Me
iChat for Miranda - By Me
4 Wallpapers - By Improvpastence
106 Icons - By Improvpastence (Converted to windows icons and PNG’s by me)
Many Thanks to [...]