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How to make OSX Keyboard shortcuts work, on windows xp

author alang

First, download TweakUI from powertoys section

You can use this program to disable the standard “windows key” keyboard shortcuts

After you have disabled them, reboot your computer

Next, under objectbar, create a section on your bar that is hidden
in this section, add whatever items you wish that are driven by the keyboard shortcuts (unfortunately, you cannon add shortcuts to the items that are in the menus, they will only work while the menu is visible, using this procedure will give you system wide shortcuts)

A good one to start with is the eject shortcut (command + E) or (windows key + E)

if you have an objectbar theme that has the eject icon on the bar, you can just add the hotkey to that shortcut

After I did this, i was able to eject my cd drive by pressing (command + e), and yes, it you want to really go crazy like me, go to compusa and purchase the Kensington usb keyboard in a box along with a kensington usb keyboard in a box for Macintosh computers (yes, they WILL work on a pc, they operate on standard usb). Then you really will have a command key and not a windows key.

Now you will have problems assigning shortcuts to objectbar that involve the windows key plus control or another modifier key. This is a limitation of objectbar, but you can use it for all of your (command + ?) shortcuts. Then go to and download a program called activekeys, it allows you to set up almost any keyboard shortcut you want (it’s only a trial, I would say it’s worth the little money they are asking, it’s a good little program, does the job without any other bullcrap)

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