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Enhance your font smoothing in Win XP, obtain a more OSX like font appearance

author alang

I figured out a really easy tweak that enables you to customize your cleartype settings, or what is also called “anti aliasing”. This will enable you to obtain a more OSX like font appearance. I applied this tweak last night and it looks great, give it a try.

1. First, you must ensure cleartype is turned on, you must open your system properties:

Right click on the My Computer icon and select Properties from the menu
Hold down the ALT key while double clicking the My Computer icon.
Hold down the Windows key and press the PAUSE button

2. If you did the first step right, your system properties window should have opened. In the properties window, click on the ADVANCED tab.

3. Under the PERFORMANCE section, click ADVANCED

4. In the next window, look for the entry “SMOOTH EDGES OF SCREEN FONTS”, ensure this item is checked and click the APPLY button

5. You have just enabled cleartype, now to tweak it out

6. Open the program REGEDIT.EXE

7. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl Paneldesktop

8. In the right pane, look for an entry called FontSmoothingGamma

9. The range of this setting in decimal value is 1 to 2000, double click this entry and change the decimal value to any setting you like, 1 being the heaviest and 2000 being the lightest (I use 750 on my computer, it looks really good, just a suggestion)

10. To see the changes, you will have to logoff or reboot


Comment by Equan on 2006-08-18 10:08:50

followed all paths but did not find “FontSmoothingGamma”

Comment by rexisrex on 2006-08-19 10:53:26

Me too, There is no FontsmoothingGamma key . even if it is there how to add decimal values to HEX keys. Can u please clarify this. Thanks


Comment by Jugalug on 2006-08-23 18:23:32

I too cannot find a FontSmoothingGamma key. Please clear this up.

Comment by andrea on 2006-08-29 18:26:52

No FontSmoothingGamma key. I changed the font snoothing to 750 right clicking on the word font smoothing and I cannot see really any difference. Is it right? Please explain better where to find in windows xp home ed the fontsmoothinggamma. Thank You

Comment by j on 2006-09-19 14:20:11

well thats shit

Comment by Wilson on 2006-10-28 18:57:44

With Styler you can get a nice font smoothing.

Comment by donny brasco on 2006-12-17 17:13:14
Comment by Jan on 2007-09-19 17:39:44

if you don’t see that in your regedit, then try to install the cleartype powertoy:



once installed and configured, you may now see this entry.

the powertoy will help with tweaking cleartype to your system!

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