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Creating Mac OSX Style Usermenu in ObjectBar

author alang

Hi All,I just wanted to create a usermenu close to Mac OS X. I did manage to achieve a bit. I thought I will share that with u all. If you are already aware of such an option bear with me for wasting your time. But for those who do not know this already, please carry on reading this further.Please look at my Desktop Screen shot.Desktops.JPG? Desktopss.JPG
If you want ur usermenu to resemble mine then ull need these:

Stardocks Objectbar
Gmetal OBbar(Thanks to kavin amuthans excellent port for Graphite look)/Panther Aqua(for More Aqua look)by Crni
Original Mac user menu Pictures (tiff files download from
Software to convert tiff to ico(I used Advanced batch Convertor gives 30 day free trial so this should be enuf to do the job. website

Now For the Tutorial:
1. After downloading the software please follow the instructions of Advanced batch converter to convert your preferred mac user picture to ico format.( please choose size 48×48 and 32bit color for quality icons)
2.Now In your objectbar right click on username (whatever is urs. in my case Sai SubhaVallabh)

3.Now you have a option in objectbar which says “item options” Inside Item Options there is a further dropdown menu by name “Behaviour” and then “Edit behaviour”
4.Clicking Edit behaviour will open the Objectbar Theme editor.
5. in the behaviour Class drop Down choose “Pop up Menu”
6. In Popup Menu Choose the option Create New and Add
7. In the menu that follows please enter as many usernames u need depending on ur system.

(right clicking on the main menu under username will give an option to duplicate. Please look at the Screenshot. The duplicated menu can be used a seperator or additional username.for current logged user in the display tab typing %username% will display the current user’s username)

Usermenu2.jpg? untitleda.jpg? ? Usermenu31.jpg

8. in the display tab for the “display as” drop down choose text and icon?

9. Now browse for the icon file that you saved using Advanced batch converter and link it to objectbar.

10.Do not choose any icon for mouseover option unless u like having it.Now you must have exact replica of my Screenshot if you followed my instuctions clearly.

And these are the shortcuts you may need.

1) For Each Username it is optional to have a shortcut linked. E:\Windows\system32\nusrmgr.cpl

2) For Login Window use this shortcut- %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

3) For Account Preferences you can use the same shortcut you used for usernames i.e E:\Windows\system32\nusrmgr.cpl

Work in Progress

Currently i am working on Making the tick mark right next to username and Icon as you’ll find it in the original OSX.

Moreover if you go to this Page :

Yes you got it! The Mac style Fastuser Switching. I spoke to one of my friend who is a expert coder. Since Both the OS(Mac & XP) support Fastuser Switching achieiving a Mac style switching is not impossible. So Iam trying to create something as close as you find in the movie. Hope I get to where I want to!

Please feel free to correct me and send in ur suggestions. I hope you found this tutorial useful.
P.S: I have narrated this tutorial keeping in mind that you already have a more than average understanding of OS X Emulation and Objectbar. if anyone is a newbee and wants further clarification please contact me @ [email protected]


Comment by Khalua on 2006-08-16 21:09:22

Great tutorial. Thanks!

Comment by nylock10 on 2006-08-22 17:29:53

Yep, nice work rex.

Comment by Goro on 2006-10-06 00:18:02

Hi, i have to say that it’s great tut, but I have one problem, when i add new user count & add C:\Windows\system32\nusrmgr.cpl control panel don’t open

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