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A SafariFox Guide

author alang

This guide will show you how you can skin your Firefox Browser to look like the Mac only Safari browser.

This guide applies to Firefox
All themes and extentions are attached at the end of this guide or are linked in the text. (Thanks to Dero32 for google.gif)

The first thing you want to do is get Windowblinds. The theme I use is Tiger Safari 1.5.2. After you install that, you want to go to the Per-Application option and skin Firefox with the Safari Theme. This will skin the title bar and borders or Firefox to make a continuious look between the title bar and tool bars.

Now It’s time to start skinning the browser. First you need to download a theme. The theme that I use is Safire 1.09 by BlazonBloch . After you install it you must first restart the browser before the changes take effect. Now is a good time to start looking for the extentions and fonts you will use.

I suggest:
Compact Menu (To get rid of the menu and put it into a convenient button)
Stop-or-Reload Button (It combines your stop and reload buttion into one)
Fission (Puts a Load bar behind your Address Bar like in Safari)
Titlebar Tweaks (Allows you to change the Title Bar text)
Tab X (Puts the close button one each tab)
Stylish (Allows you to edit UserChrome.css in an easy way)
Nightly Tester Tools (Allows you to apply extentions that are not ment for you version of Firefox)
Mac Font Pack (Install these in your Fonts folder)

After You install all those extentions (I suggest the Nightly Tester Tools first) you want to start customizing. Right click on one of the toolbars and click customize. Now you want to take EVERYTHING off of all bars. When you start replacing everything put the Compact Menu Icon on the bottom toolbar so you can hide it later and easily access it when you need it. You want to put the Bookmark Icon on the left of the middle toolbar and the Bookmark Toolbar Items to the right of it. Now where the menu used to be you want to put you Navagation Buttons, Address Bar, Go Button, and Search Bar. Now click the “Use Small Icons” box to make it look more like Safari and click OK.

Now It’s time to take care of the little things. I’ve attached a file called google.gif that will be used to replace the google icon in the search box for a more Safari-like icon. All you have to do is place the gif in your “searchplugins” folder in your Mozilla Firefox folder.

Let’s get into Stylish now. All you have to do for this is copy and paste the styles. Click the Compact Menu and go to Tools/Extentions. Find the Stylish Extention and click options to bring them up. Click write to bring up a box where you can put in different styles. You can type your own description. Just copy the text into the big box.

For OS X Style Arrows:

display: none !important;
display: -moz-box !important;

To Get Rid Of Status Bar:

#status-bar { display: none !important; }

To Hide Icons From Tabs:

.tab-icon {
display: none !important;

For Bold Bookmarks

#bookmarks-ptf .toolbarbutton-text {
/* font-size: 10px !important;*/
font-size: 8pt !important;font-weight: bold !important;

Now to adjust the title bar. Click the Compact Menu and go to Tools/Extentions. Select the Titlebar Tweaks Extention and click options. Under the Layout tab click Webpage Title to display only the webpage you are viewing. Now go to your Mozilla Firefox folder. Navgate through chrome\icons\default, and place the icon I attached in that folder. If the folder is not there then make one. That will get rid of the Firefox icon in the titlebar.

Now all you have to do Is right click one of the toolbars and de-select the Bookmark Toolbar to hide the Compact Menu and your done!

Any questions or suggestions please comment and I will answer back!

AIM: Chchchchad0487

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Comment by Gary on 2006-11-29 01:43:03

I have lost the titlear and can’t get it back, please help

Comment by fyton5 on 2007-05-11 12:49:46

great! my firefox is just like safari… well almost, i don’t have windowblinds :S

Comment by Sunny on 2008-01-02 17:53:04

you guys do realize that you can download firefox theme extension called isafari and install that in couple clicks…will look exactly like that.

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