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author Bentz

You might not be aware of this, but the hundreds of high quality images available to download at this site as part of OSX emulation packages for Windows, plus the database storing the forum, articles, and comments make it difficult for us to find a reliable hosting platform tha can meet the fairly demanding web hosting requirements we have.

Hosting files places different demands on a server than hosting a database, but we have to meet both of those needs.  Because of this, we have been looking for a new host that can meet these needs at a lower price, and found that is a great source for reviews and descriptions of almost every web hosting company out there.  We looked at the single domain web hosts, multiple domain web hosts, and the dedicated server web hosts, and decided to go with a low cost dedicated server to host this site and some of our others.

Also, if you are looking for green hosting, has a section that I haven’t seen elsewhere that lists web hosts that use environmentally friendly sources of energy to meet the high electrical demands of a server farm.  This is useful because web hosts are one of the highest users of electricity due to the large amount of electricity needed to power all the servers, plus the huge amount of energy needed to cool all those servers.  We liked the site because it allows you to read customers reviews, as well as write your own review if you already are using a host, so we felt like we were getting an good overall feel for the quality of each host, because of the diversity of opinions and recommendations available at the site.  If you are in the market for a new webhost for your website, are looking for a dedicated server, or are interested in using a clean energy source for your website, you should visit Web Hosting Geeks today.


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