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iTunes 7 Review

author alang

As many of u all know iTunes 7 was released, many complaints, many changes, many bugs. Iím here to clear some stuff out and to review iTunes 7

Ok so the first thing you will notice on the new iTunes is the new color of the icon and the interface as u can see is not aqua anymore looks more like a Milky kind of style, so i was thinking does this mean Apple is done with aqua or is there a new kind of of style for leopard i donít know but we can only hope for the best. Another cool new feature is the 2 new views included, the first one is the one we all know since itunes came out which is the name of the song, artist etc.. But the other 2 new views are album view and Cover Flow Lets start with Album view. Album view is where u can see all ur songs and artist organized by there albums or releases and there album art on the left which makes it look very good and obviously like Steve jobs said if u donít have the album art u don have the sexy so ill explain a little bit more about that later so lets now go to cover flow view. I donít know if everyone knew that cover flow was a third party app or better said enhancement for itunes where u get this beautiful view of all ur artist album artwork where u could actually flip through the albums just like real cdís and it was actually a cool way to search for ur music so when i saw the webcast and Steve said cover flow i kind of knew that name was a familiar so i kind of knew that already so what apple did was go over to the cover flow developer or creator and bought it from him and added that technology on the new iTunes 7 for ur pleasure so is really the best view on iTunes 7 and a really cool new feature, btw cover flow doesnít not work on every computer for example if u have a very old or bad video card u will actually have a message when u try cover flow where it says that iTunes was unable to use this view on ur computer on other is telling u that ur video card sucks and it cant run on ur computer and obviously it doesnít happen on a Mac

Ok so ive been getting a lot of questions where people tell me that they cant find the itune s mini store and they donít really know if it was taken out or something else and im here to say that no is still here on iTunes 7 just hidden just other old features and if u want to use it all u got to do is go to view section the top and select Show mini store and done. Other old features where kind of moved to the view section instead of having them on the bottom like the old iTunes 6 but I didnít really used those stuff any ways so I didnít really care. So another difference u see on itunes is that on the left corner bar where u had ur library music, video, podcasts etc. now is all separated on different sections which I found it to be very good cause everything now seems to be more organized and another thing u notice is that when u connect ur iPod well is going to take u to the devices section and inside ur ipod where u can update it or restore it is very good new feature cause now u donít have to download the whole update and update ur ipod now everything is available on itunes and on the top u have this tabs where u can sync ur music, videos, games etc. which very good cause if u remember when u went to preferences on itunes u had this huge cascade of tabs which was very confusing and now is good to hear that everything is organized and divided by sections. Now lets talk about gapless playback ok so if u remember on itunes 6 when a song was finishing well it would actually do this cross fade with the next song like a fade in and fade out so I just wanted to let u guys know that is not gapless playback. Gapless playback is very good new feature included on itunes and on ur ipod update where for example u have this 2 tracks that are suppose to be together or are connected on some kind a way so what itunes does is that when the first track finishes well it would actually continue on the next song and ull actually think is the same song and is pretty cool cause I thought I was listening to the same song on my ipod and I saw that I already heard 3 songs so a pretty cool add on on itunes 7. so lets talk about bugs. There a lot of forums of people saying itunes 7 has cause there ipod 5gís to freeze up or not even start and that itunes even shots it self off sometimes and that it even takes more cpu that the last one so I donít know if this is happening to someone else but when for example when I try to go to the tv shows section on the store my itunes would actually close itself or freezes and I know this ahs to do with the cover flow add on since my computer cant support it and that section uses cover flow but I donít know is probably for people who cant use cover flow. About the ipod freezing and not turning on well I updated my ipod and is running fine but just in case there a new updated version for itunes 7 so I suggest u download it cause it has some little bugs fixes so be sure to download it if ur experiencing problems with the program. Ok so going back to view I just remembered that if u dont have album art is now available for free on the new itunes if u have a itunes music store account u can simply go to the advanced button on the top and click get album artwork and itunes will actually go to the store and add album arts to all ur songs so that would really help a lot of people who actually been using other third party apps to get there albums artwork but is not very certain that itunes will get the exact artwork now that u need to have the exact album name or artist cause it may be that itunes may even add a wrong album art work or simply not finding one so before clicking that option just try to check everything is spelled correctly.

So I think this does it more my review and ill be sure to post more here about itunes and update u all with more news about it. If someone else knows any bugs or tips and trick for itunes 7 or anything they would like to comment feel free to write it here.


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Comment by TrojanCentaur on 2006-10-09 08:55:25

Thanks for taking the time to write the review. Not many people actually will sit down nowadays and spend their time to share their views with the community, so for this I thank you.

However, I strongly advise that with your next(?) article, you try and use proper language. It’s a nightmare to read! Shortcutting words like ‘you’ into ‘u’, and ‘I’ll’ into ‘ill’ does nothing for your reputation. Please, your articles are a great start, just don’t lower yourself by writting in n00bish netspeak!

But apart from that, good attempt. Well done.


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