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AveDesk 1.3 Review

author alang

Welcome to Nylock10’s review on AveDesk 1.3.

AveDesk is a very visually pleasing program, the first time you start the program you get a very nice “Welcome to AveDesk 1.3?.

It features a nice, simple, and easy tutorial on how to use the program.

AveDesk runs mini-applications called “Widgets”. Each Widget has it’s own specific task or function, allowing users to quickly do tasks without needing to open multiple programs.

You can use it at work or at home. It makes a great Dashboard clone, and it makes more out of your computer.

Getting started.

As you open AveDesk, you get four Widgets. Two of them are clones of Widgets from Mac OS X. One of the Mac-Widget clones is called “Translator”. It allows you to translate a word(s) from one language to another. It is very useful if you find yourself in a web page that you can hardly read.

The other Mac-Widget clone AveDesk starts out with by default, is called “StickyNotes”. “StickyNotes” allows you to put virtual Sticky-Notes right on your desktop.

Its a useful Widget to have if you need to write reminders, notes, phones numbers and other things quickly.

Another nice thing is all the fonts in AveDesk are really smooth and crisp (I’m really big on nice fonts). They are very easy to read and you can customize the font in pretty much any way possible.

AveDesk can completely replace the need for having icons on your desktop. The Widgets AveDesk contains have many useful things you can add.

You can add a shortcut to your hard drive, and have the amount the hard drive holds and how much free space it has. You can quickly check how many files you have in your Recycle Bin or how much Hard Drive space it is taking up.

You can get more Widgets from various websites (Such as Osx-e, Aqua-Soft, and more).

Getting more out of AveDesk.

If you go into the “Desklets Control Panel”, you can access even more Widgets. Such as “PidlShortcut”, which is a fully-customizable shortcut to anything you want. Folders, web pages, you name it.

Another thing you can do in the AveDesk Control Panel, is that you can access extended options for a specific Widget.

You can modify fonts, height, width, transparency, shadows, quality and more.

No performance impact.

One thing I really like about AveDesk is that it doesn’t take up very many computer resources. Meaning I can play video games, watch movies, photo edit and many other resource-hogging applications without having to close AveDesk.

In “Konfabulator” (similar to AveDesk, but owned and operated by Yahoo!), every Widget is it’s own separate task. And most Konfabulator widgets take up a nice chunk of RAM (Random Access Memory), too.

So if you run “Konfabulator” and open some widgets, open “Windows Task Manager (CTRL > ALT > DELETE) and go to the process tab. There you will see the dozens of Konfabulator widgets hogging up CPU and Memory Usage (A.K.A. RAM).

But unlike Konfabulator, AveDesk runs all the widgets as one application. Right now I have 4 Widgets open, but AveDesk is only taking up 500KB! Not even one megabyte! AveDesk is a very well designed program.

Cool stuff.

One feature in AveDesk is called “Show Case”. Show Case allows you to view all of your Widgets all at once. So lets say you have a very, very cluttered desktop and you really need to get to AveDesk’s Widgets. Just start Show Case (Default Key F9) and it darkens your desktop and allows you to see your Widgets easily.

Another is AveDesk’s sense of style. Have a specific theme for your desktop? No problem! You can easily find an AveDesk widget that matches your desktop (by looking online, of course).

Bad stuff.

Hmm, it is very hard to find anything wrong with AveDesk. It is an almost perfect application.

But, the only thing I don’t like is that so many people use Konfabulator and not AveDesk, I can’t find specific Widgets sometimes. It isn’t exactly AveDesk’s fault, its just that no one has made a Widget yet.

So I don’t think I’ll count that against AveDesk.

Score sheet.

So first off, lets do a little recap of what AveDesk has to offer:

Looks cool, well designed, useful, does exactly what you want it to do (no it wont clean after you or do your laundry, lets be realistic here!), has a lot of Widgets, it is a good program that is actually free, not a resource hog… Well I think you get the point now, AveDesk… is…. awesome.

So lets give it a score..

Stability: 98%

Functionality: 100%

Usability: 100%

Performance: 93%

Overall: 97%

The end.

AveDesk is a must-need for any desktop-customization enthusiast. So what are you waiting for? Get AveDesk, it is one of the best applications for desktop-customization and Mac Emulation.

You can get more cool AveDesk stuff at AveDesk Downloads Section. Yes I know I’ve said “cool” a lot in this review.

Thanks for stopping by!

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