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MER ‘06: Thunderbird

author Church Punk
author October 24th, 2006

Mac Emulation Reviews 2006
Review: Thunderbird Review
By: dero32

Mozilla Corporation
The Mozilla Corp. has been and still is very popular with there products and programs, for example Sunbird (Calendar) and Firefox (Web Browser) and that leaves us to Thunderbird a great email messages provider which can receive messages from any email service like POP or IMAP.
Popularity and Good […]


AveDesk 1.3 Review

author alang
author October 14th, 2006

Welcome to Nylock10’s review on AveDesk 1.3.
AveDesk is a very visually pleasing program, the first time you start the program you get a very nice “Welcome to AveDesk 1.3?.
It features a nice, simple, and easy tutorial on how to use the program.
AveDesk runs mini-applications called “Widgets”. Each Widget has it’s own specific task or function, […]


iTunes 7 Review

author Church Punk
author September 28th, 2006

As many of u all know iTunes 7 was released, many complaints, many changes, many bugs. I’m here to clear some stuff out and to review iTunes 7
Ok so the first thing you will notice on the new iTunes is the new color of the icon and the interface as u can see is not […]

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