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Emulation Manuals - Chapter 8: The Applications

author alang

The Finder is not the only application in Mac OS X—similarly, Finder clones are not the only apps that have been emulated. Some are beta-level software, but some are fully working, and indistinguishable from their Macintosh counterparts!

Address Book for Windows by Jib - Freeware [Download]
Address Book for Windows is an advanced contacts manager, which offers the look and feel of Panther’s Address Book.

AveFontBook by AndreasV - Freeware [Download]
AveFontBook is a font management tool resembling FontBook for OS X that allows the user to preview and use uninstalled fonts, enable/disable fonts, and organize into collections preferred fonts

Calendar by Haulden - Freeware [Download]
Calendar is an iCal clone, complete with different color-coded calendars that can be added or deleted as the user wishes. Students could have different calendars for classes, parents different calendars for different children—the possibilities are endless! New items and appointments are easily addable.

Savanna by Mr Aqua - Freeware [Download]
This Safari clone uses Internet Explorer’s rendering engine, but it has some of Safari’s cooler features, such as tab browsing and a neat, brushed skin.

You can get more OS X look-a-like apps here

About Box

Sometimes called an About dialog, an About box is a software dialog window that displays the credits of the software program. Often it includes the company name and copyright date as well as names of contributors to the project. About boxes are not standardized and are sometimes creative or entertaining in their design. Althought its not have any function, but your mac emulation windows wouldn’t be complete without this.

About this Mac 10.4 by Larsen2k4 - Freeware [Download]
A simple About this Mac Tiger clone that will connect to Windows Update when you click on the “Software Update” button, or will open the System Information dialog when you click on “More Info”.

About this Finder 10.4 by Larsen2k4 - Freeware [Download]
A simple About this Finder clone to match the OS X Tiger version.

You can get more About Box here


We all know what screensavers are—what most people don’t know is that Mac OS X’s screensavers are, on the whole, better than Window’s’. Fortunately, some of these screensaves have been ported to Windows!

Flurry screensaver for windows by MaDdoG Software - Freeware [Download]
This is a Windows port of Flurry, a beautiful screen saver for Mac OS X originally written by Calum Robinson.

Nostalgic Screensaver by Gregg Tavares - Freeware [Download]
No, not nostalgic as in an screensaver from the 80s—nostalgic as in the feeling you get that you’re watching a documentary or biography with still images. The subtle techniques of this screensaver produce a calming effect, if you’re silly enough to sit at your computer and stare at your screensaver.

You can get more Windows ports of Mac screensavers here


Mac OS X Exposé is an applications that can use to instantly access any open window with a single keystroke — and stunning style that can never be imitated. Display all open windows as thumbnails, view windows of the current application or hide all windows to quickly locate a file on your desktop. There are few applications for windows that have similar features with Exposé

Entbloess by Entbloess -Shareware [Buy Full Version $7.99 | Download Free Version]
Entbloess 2 is the Ultimate Window-Switcher for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Not only does it allow you to see previews of all your open applications via a single keystroke in a manner similar to Apple’s Exposé, but it also supports live previews, window interaction, and smooth, elegant animations. Don’t waste time cycling window by window with Alt+Tab to find the one you want. Find your window quickly, and with style, using Entbloess 2.

Top Desk by Otaku Software - Shareware [Buy Full Version $9.95 | Download Free Version]
An Exposé like Clone,named Top Desk. Helps you easily navigate trough Windows. TopDesk gives you an overview of all open windows, including minimized windows. With a single key press, you can instantly view thumbnails of all open windows, display windows belonging to the current application, or hide all windows to quickly access the desktop.

Winplosion by WinPLOSION - Shareware [Buy Full Version $9.95 | Download Free Version]
WinPLOSION allows you to immediately view and select from all the windows running on your computer, just those of the active application, or to minimise all windows and display a clear desktop. The power of today’s computers mean that we often have a lot of windows open at the same time; a word processor, a graphics package, a browser window or two, an email client, maybe a development environment, plus windows explorer and a couple of directory windows. Of course our screens haven’t got any bigger and the task bar becomes progressively more useless the more windows that are open – so finding the window we want becomes a time consuming, frustrating task. No Longer.

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Comment by John Watts on 2007-02-04 19:55:34

Entbloess is the best of all of them.

Comment by Duy Vu` on 2007-04-05 17:23:36

i had winplosion once but for some reason can’t use it anymore (my serial is good for one installation?)

i now use WinExpose, smoother than winplosion w/ live updating of the windows….

AND IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[...] Chapter 8: The Applications - Several developers have actually written entire programs that help your computer look like a Mac! Some of these would be considered “beta software,” but others are fully working, usable even in a corporate environment. You’ll find them all here. [...]

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