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Emulation Manuals - Chapter 4: The Icons

author alang

Your emulated Mac will never be complete if you do not have Mac-style icons (made according to “Aqua” guidelines). In this tutorial, I will show you how to change the default Windows icons to Mac OS X icons. The following applications will help in this journey.

WinXP IconsMac OS X Icons
Windows XP icons and Mac OS X icons

Icon Packager by Stardock- Shareware [Buy Enhanced Version $14.95 | Download Free Version]
IconPackager is a program that allows users to change nearly all of their Windows icons at once by applying whole “packages” of icons to the computer. These packages contain replacement icons for all XP’s common icons: from My Computer and My Documents, to specific file format icons such as.doc and .xls files.

IconTweaker by Joost Verburg - Freeware [Download]
IconTweaker is a freeware application that allows you to customize all your Windows icons

Using the IconTweaker theme system, designers can share their icons with other people. IconTweaker has an open XML-based theme format that can be extended using plug-ins. If you created an IconTweaker theme for your icons, you can be sure they can be used by everyone. The program comes with several included themes full of beautiful icons,

IconX by Stardock- Shareware [Buy Enhanced Version $9.95 | Download Free Version]
IconX enhances your existing Windows desktop icons with effects such as shadows, enhanced icon labels, mouse-over effects, and much more.

Though it can’t change the icons themselves, you can add cool styling to existing desktop icons.

And please download icons listed below to change entire windows system by using applications above or by doing it manually

Mac OS X Panther Icons for Icon Packager by Mntnbkr1065 - Freeware [Download]
This pack is designed off of the Panther icons from a real Mac—in fact, most of these are ported directly. Made using IconPackager, it works best if you use IconPackager to apply it (you get a neat set of cursors that way), but you can also use the .icl file included in the zip.

Panther Icons by GillBates - Freeware [Download]
GillBates used a script that extracted all the .icns resources from his G4 Panther at work, converted them to .ico, and left only the highest pixel dimension values. The result is a massive 11.8 MB RAR file, containing upwards of 1400 icons (although several are dupilicates because they occurred multiple times throughout the system).

1400 Tiger PNGs - Freeware [Download]
This is an archive of around 1400 PNGs from a Mac running Tiger. It includes icons from Spotlight, Quicktime 7, Automator, iLife ‘05, and many other new applications.

You can get more Mac OS X icons for Windows here

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