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Emulation Manuals - Chapter 3: The Finder

author alang

Finder is the default file-management application for the Mac, responsible for overall computer use, especially concerning the opening and viewing of files, disks, network volumes and the launching of other applications. As such, the Finder can be compared to the shell on other (Unix-based) operating systems, but with a GUI. Introduced in the very first Macintosh computer, and acting as part of GS/OS on the Apple II GS, it underwent a complete rewrite with Apple’s switch to UNIX-based OS X.

The Finder is the very first application a user interacts with after booting a Mac; it creates a valuable first impression, and is responsible for the general look and feel of the machine. Though itís not the entire GUI of the Mac, it is the default application.

The Finder creates a file system view using the desktop metaphor - that is, the files and folders are represented with respective icons, volumes are displayed on the desktop, and a trash can is used for the deletion of files.

Since the Finder is such a huge part of Mac OS X, many developers have devoted time and effort to make Finder clones for Windows. The three best ones are as follows (stay tuned for an in-depth review of each Finder).

Nexplorer, the best Mac OS X finder clone for windows

NeXPlorer by vneumann - Freeware [Download]
NeXplorer can be used concurrently with Explorer, or as a complete replacement

Making shortcuts is an extremely simple process–just drag a directory from the folder view onto the shortcut box on the left. A dialog box will pop up asking for a name and preferred icon file. Even if you donít assign an icon, the system will provide oneóthe default drive icon for drives, the default folder one for folders, etc.

Without doubt, NeXplorer is the best finder clone for Windows; unfortunately, various shortcomings prevent it from being a 100% windows explorer replacement (try it, and form your own opinion!)

iFinder by neo_osx- Freeware [Download]
The roll-up button works like it does in OS X! The application labels and links are actually done in HTML (the same language that web pages are written in), so editing is done can be accomplished with FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or even Notepad.

Looca by pantoni - Freeware [Download]
Looca is another finder clone, with a very large skin base! Some report it as being the most useful, and actually the easiest to produce skins for.

You can find more Finder clones for windows here

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