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Emulation Manuals - Chapter 10: The Utilities

author alang

After all these changes to your X, you’ll be happy to hear that it only takes a few more applications/utilities for perfect accuracy.

YzShadow by M. Yamaguchi - Freeware [Download]
Yz Shadow is a small bit of software that will add a shadow effect to your windows (that is, the windows of your Windows computer). Additionally, this program can make your menus transparent—it’s easily overlooked, but YzShadow is something your computer won’t be complete without

Styler by susumu - Shareware [Buy Enhanced Version $17.00 | Download Free Version]
Styler is a comprehensive program that lets you change many GUI aspects of your computer safely. It allows you to change your Explorer and Internet Explorer toolbar, as well as the theme (it supports MsStyles, mentioned briefly in Chapter 1), the theme fonts, the wallpaper, and the icon size (among others). Written by a community member, this application was released not long ago (summer 2005), and has gained in popularity ever since .

WindowFX by Stardock - Shareware [Buy Enhanced Version $19.95 | Download Free Version]
WindowFX is a revolutionary new program that allows you to add an unprecedented number of special effects to windows, too numerous to list here. You can check out the free version for yourself! .

LogonStudio by Stardock - - Freeware [Download]
Stardock LogonStudio allows Windows XP users to edit and change their logon screens; skins are available to make it resemble Mac OS X’s. With a built-on visual editor, it’s easy to create your own logons, and then share them with other users! Installing a logon screen is a snap—just double click the .logonxp file you downloaded!

You can find more utilities here


Apple - For creating such a wonderful OS that inspires Windows users to emulate Mac OS X on Windows. In this guide, I’ve used some descriptions of OS X features, in order to give readers a better understanding of Mac OS X.

Aqua-Soft - For letting me use some of their news-posts material (mainly written by nightcrawler1089, and Unbeliever) to include in this guide. A big thanks to all the staff there, and the entire community, for being my main reference place for OS X Emulation

AquaXP - For giving me permission to use some of their articles there as a reference in writing this guide.

WikiPedia – Often overlooked, or even ignored, this website has provided me with a lot of information on features in both Mac OS X and Windows XP.

And without the contribution from these individuals, this guide would never have been completed.

Zillah , for giving me the idea to create this guide (From the OSX-E forums here )

magbi9 , the original author of the older tutorial, “How to change your windows to Mac OS X”

nightcrawler1089 , who proofread this tutorial.

To all the developers/authors of the applications/skins mentioned in this guide, for doing such a wonderful job.

And finally, to everyone who has ever made a contribution to the OSX-E and Aqua-Soft forums, thanks.

If you feel that your name/website is left out from the credits, please contact me.

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Comment by Alex Rider on 2007-09-09 14:52:47

very helpful

Comment by pritthish on 2008-06-27 20:35:54

hmm, i notice you didnt mention the dock emulation… or did i overlook any chapter?

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