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Emulation Manuals - A complete guide on how to change your Windows XP to Mac OS X

author alang

Mac OS X, made by Apple, is one of the most technologically advanced operating systems out there, and easily the most visually pleasing. The use of soft edges, translucent colors, and mild pinstripes helps bring color and texture to the desktop, and enjoyment to the user experience–something Windows is sorely lacking in. This is the reason why so many Windows users desire to emulate OS X–in fact, there’s an entire community dedicated to this purpose, called the Aqua community. It is my hope that this guide will help you in your journey to make your Windows XP PC look like Mac OS X.

Windows XP
Default Windows XP desktop
Mac OS X
Default Mac OS X desktop

So you want to make your ugly Windows look sleek and sexy like Mac OS X? Just follow this tutorial, which has conveniently been split up into several chapters.

Chapter 1: The Appearances - In this chapter, I will show you how to change the default Windows XP appearance to one similar to OS X, using a few software programs.

Chapter 2: The Menu Bar - In this chapter, I will show you how can you put a menu bar on your computer, like the one in Mac OS X.

Chapter 3: The Finder - In this chapter, you can learn about a core element of Mac OS X—the Finder—and how you can have one in XP.

Chapter 4: The Icons - In this chapter, I will show you how to change the default Windows XP icons to Mac OS X icons.

Chapter 5: The Dock - The job of emulating OS X would never be complete without a dock; in this chapter, you’ll find a few of the more popular docks for Windows.

Chapter 6: The Dashboard - Dashboard is a new feature in OS X Tiger, but there were already many Dashboard-like programs for Windows. You can find these programs, and a few accompanying “widgets,” in this section.

Chapter 7: The Skins - Several popular Windows XP applications have built-in skinning support. OS X skins for these programs can be found here!

Chapter 8: The Applications - Several developers have actually written entire programs that help your computer look like a Mac! Some of these would be considered “beta software,” but others are fully working, usable even in a corporate environment. You’ll find them all here.

Chapter 9: The Installer - Alright, everyone’s lazy. This installer, called Flyakite OS Xv.2.0, will pretty much do it all. That’s no excuse for not reading the entire tutorial though

Chapter 10: The Utilities - By now, you’re pretty much done. There are just a few final touches you need to make your computer look almost exactly like OS X—use these utilities to do so.

Next, Chapter 1: The Appearances


Comment by brett on 2006-08-14 21:38:17

How can i download a tutorial without going on to the web?

Comment by xpmouse on 2006-09-15 09:40:44

can i have

Comment by wai on 2006-09-24 15:06:40
Comment by Huy Duong on 2006-09-29 06:49:44

Many thanks friend, you had done a great job!!! Thanks you man…

Comment by Hung Lo on 2006-10-01 13:09:06

Great job, thanks alot for the info.

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Comment by Thebest on 2006-12-28 18:20:39

this is the best

Comment by demo on 2007-01-23 00:27:26

Thank you so much! These changes- so clearly explained and laid out- have made me love my pc again.

Comment by Peter O'Connor on 2007-02-05 11:44:17

The Mac emulation on XP? Have been using it all for about 6 months now and its made the transition from Mac to PC so easy. Its like I never left. My old Mac turned 11 recently and while it still works it can no longer be productive, and as I cannot afford a shiny new one, this is a very real and workable compromise. Thank you team for putting it all together for us the way you have - great job.

Comment by Bahrian PRO on 2007-02-16 03:06:25

This software is a hell good one. I like it very much. But there’s one problem that should be fixed (maybe)… =D
When i want to uninstalled this software from my Windows XP, it’s still leaving a problem that is, i dont see a button or else for recovering my old WinXP preview page. And i’ve to changed it manually.
But for overall comment for this software i give U 95 points.
This is a very very very good software…

Bahrian PRO

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Comment by todd on 2007-03-16 03:46:00

love mac


[...] Hello, we have 12 pages manual here including the comprehensive updated one. If you want to make a video or tutorial, at least make it better than that, otherwise it will be just a time wasting for whoever reading it. [...]

Comment by Rick Scott on 2007-04-16 18:41:43

Love this Program! I having trouble with a dll for my active sync for my phone. any suggestions?


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Comment by Jay on 2007-09-01 09:40:30

thanks! great tutorial! just wondering where i can find icons for microsoft programs like word and excel??

Comment by Manuel Veliz on 2007-09-22 03:53:30

it’s greatefull,
I only have one question, i’ve apply the appearance to my desktop but it dont apply to the apple aplications for windows, the buttons for clowse minimize etc. dond change, and still in the right side,
is there any way to arrange it?????

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Comment by Mark on 2007-10-08 07:49:43

Very nice job!!
I’ve already had my desktop modified to look like a default mac for half a year now, but I still found some new things, which were preatty usefull to me. Now I’ve got an evan greater desktop thanks to you!
Keep on the great work!

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Comment by teody Salivia on 2007-11-18 07:47:16

Why bother emulate? RUN MAC OS X on Intel Natively. Search the net. - hackintosh

Comment by kinsemon on 2007-11-18 14:44:42

too many issues, man. not for noobs. one has to have a lot of patience and a certain degree of knowhow to resolve hardware/software driver issues… and in the end you might not be able to enjoy the full package (e.g. no sounds, unstable graphics, etc). the whole adventure may also require you to replace some of your hardware…

Comment by Criação de sites on 2008-01-15 10:37:33
Comment by Ephedra on 2008-01-25 06:43:43

Ok. This guide/manual is one of the best ones out there ! Thank’s for the great work people ;)

Comment by Hmdeedaa on 2008-06-07 06:35:13

will this work for vista?

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